TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Compression

TRUDEF™ is the successor of TMMI's VDK SoftVideo™ fractal compression products developed in the 1990's and is under active development to meet the demands of the growing high definition video market.

Fractal image compression is founded on the fact that in a sequence of images similar geometric patterns are repeated. A fractal algorithm mathematically encodes these patterns into data called "fractal codes". When images are viewed; fractal code containing the geometric patterns of the original are remapped back into pixels, self-similar patterns are reused during this decoding process.

An inherent feature of fractal compression is its ability to decompress images into larger resolutions than the original while maintaining a high level of image quality. TRUDEF™ Fractal Scaling is an effective method of saving bandwidth while providing higher resolutions. When screen resolution is doubled it contains 4X as many pixels:

i.e. 1920x1080=2,073,600 pixels, doubling the resolution to 3840x2160=8,294,400 pixels

Doubling resolution results in 4X as many pixels

Mathemtically the 4X data requirements of the Quad HD/4K screen resolutions presents a serious problem for broadcasters and network providers using current video compression methods. TRUDEF™ Fractal Scaling will allow HDTV broadcasters to offer high quality video for the next generation HDTV resolutions with little or no increase in bandwidth usage.

Upscaling is also valuable for transforming archived content originally shot in lower resolution formats to modern HD formats while maintaining as much of the original detail as possible.

The fractal encoding process is computationally intensive; however, decoding is done in near real-time. During the 1990's the 16 bit and 32 bit single core CPU hardware of that time limited practical use of fractal compression due to low processing power. Today's multi-core 64 bit hardware is significantly more powerful and with low cost distributed processing fractal compression is now commercial viable.

Microsoft Media Foundation Library

TMMI is currently developing its own Microsoft Media Foundation 2012 library supporting TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Compression in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Media Foundation has been designed to meet the challenges posed by high-definition content. Audio and video quality enhancements made throughout the platform now make it possible to deliver a great experience for next generation high-definition content. Microsoft Media Foundation is the next generation multimedia platform for Windows that enables developers, content providers, and consumers to embrace the new wave of premium content with enhanced robustness, unparalleled quality, and seamless interoperability.

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