TRUDEF Fractal Compression

Fractal image compression is founded on the fact that in a sequence of images similar geometric patterns are repeated. A fractal algorithm mathematically encodes these patterns into data called "fractal codes". When images are viewed; fractal code containing the geometric patterns of the original are remapped back into pixels, self-similar patterns are reused during this decoding process. TRUDEF™ compresses video in the 24 bit RGB/YUV 4:4:4 color space offering a rich viewing experience compared to most common distribution codecs that down sample color to YUV 4:2:0.

TRUDEF™ has been tested with the "Magic Hour" sequence of StEM (Standard Evaluation Material) commissioned by DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) for purposes of quality analysis of video compression codecs. This telecined video contains a number of elements such as complex motion, film graining and color variations that are a better test of a video codec's capabilities.

TRUDEF™ 24 bit RGB/YUV 4:4:4

Raw Uncompressed Frame

Further TRUDEF™ testing has been done with unfiltered 4K RAW digital video from a RED ONE production camera. The RED ONE has been responsible for creating thousands of films, from independent to Hollywood blockbuster, as well as a growing impact on the capture of episodic television.