TRUDEF Fractal Scaling

An inherent feature of fractal compression is its ability to decompress images into larger resolutions than the original while maintaining a high level of image quality. TRUDEF™ Fractal Scaling is an effective method of saving bandwidth while providing higher resolutions. When screen resolution is doubled it contains 4X as many pixels.

i.e. 1920x1080=2,073,600 pixels, doubling the resolution to 3840x2160=8,294,400 pixels

Doubling resolution results in 4X as many pixels

Mathemtically the 4X data requirements of the Quad HD/4K screen resolutions presents a serious problem for broadcasters and network providers using current video compression methods. TRUDEF™ Fractal Scaling will allow HDTV broadcasters to offer high quality video for the next generation HDTV resolutions with little or no increase in bandwidth usage.

Upscaling is also valuable for transforming archived content originally shot in lower resolution formats to modern HD formats while maintaining as much of the original detail as possible.

Testing results show a 7.722MB TRUDEF™ compressed fractal video file decompressed at 2X resolution into 8,263MB of 24 bit RGB video.

Comparison of HD Screen Resolutions
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