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April, 2019    Total Multimedia Prepares Release of Technology for High Quality 4k and 8k Video with 70% Bandwidth Savings
September, 2018    Total Multimedia Posts First Sales of New Generation High-End TMMI Mini PC X™
August, 2018    TMMI begins shipping TMMI Mini PC X™ to select buyers for field experience
August, 2018    TMMI establishes Offices in New York City and Silicon Prairie
July, 2018    TMMI releases the first version of UWP compliant TRUDEF™ Video Player through the Microsoft Store
May, 2018    TMMI Enters Consumer Electronics Sector Announcing its New Generation Mini PC Home Entertainment Solutions
May, 2018    TMMI upgrades its legacy TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Codec to VDK3 compiled under Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 for Windows 10-64 supporting 8K
February, 2018    TMMI Announces Appointment of New Chief Technology Officer and New Executive Team
December, 2017    TMMI Announces Completion of $1 Million in Equity and New Technology Suite
May, 2017    TMMI Announces New President and Chief Executive Officer, and New Board Member
May, 2015    TMM, Inc. Announces Patent Filing for its New Video Scaling Algorithm
May, 2014    TMM, INC. Enters Joint ISR Research Program With RAYTHEON Company For TMMI'S TRUDEF™ Video Compression Technology.
April, 2013    TMM, Inc. Demonstrates TRUDEF™ Resolution Independent Fractal Video in 4K at NAB Show
January, 2013    TMM, Inc. announces TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Scaling, 2K to 4K Workflow
December 2012    TMM, Inc. announces TRUDEF™ .FVF ('Fractal Video File') and .FIF ('Fractal Intra Frame') File Extensions
November, 2012    TMM, Inc. announces completion of TRUDEF™ fractal Video Microsoft Media Foundation 2012 Library.
July, 2012    TMM, Inc. announces it has made significant strides in updating the TRUDEF™ codec over the last nine months. The Board of Directors has instructed the lead programmers to enlarge the team to speed up the progress towards a commercial product. The programming team will be expanded by up to an additional ten (10) programmers to further advance the TRUDEF™ codec.
February, 2012    TMM, Inc. announces that Dr. Alan Sloan has joined the Company's newly formed Advisory Board. Dr. Sloan together with Dr. Michael Barnsley was a pioneer in developing and patenting fractal digital compression technology. In 1987, Dr. Sloan co-founded Iterated Systems, Inc. ("Iterated") with Dr. Barnsley to create a business to develop and market fractal image compression technology.
November, 2011    Shareholders vote to install a new management team. Gerard Cavanaugh is elected President CEO. Michael Kozole is elected Secretary Treasurer.
2007    TMM, Inc. carried out further development of its original SoftVideo fractal codec and announced a revised version now called TRUDEF™ high definition fractal video.
2001    Total Multimedia Inc. emerges from bankruptcy as TMM, Inc. retaining its 1994 Iterated Systems Inc. licensing rights to multiple versions of VDK fractal video compression technology.
1994    Total Multimedia Inc. officially licenses VDK 2.1, VDK 2.2, VDK 2.3 and VDK 2.4 from Iterated Systems Inc.
1994    Microsoft Corporation's Multimedia Publishing Group uses Fractal Compression to incorporate over 10,000 digital images in their Encarta multimedia encyclopedia.

Total Multimedia Inc. licensed SoftVideo to Spectrum Holobyte for use in its CD-ROM games including Falcon Gold and Star Trek: Next Generation A Final Unity.

PC Magazine concludes that, "The advantages of fractal compression are unmatched". BYTE comments, "for multimedia or other image delivery applications, Fractals is clearly a fantastic choice".
1993    With visions of a bold new market in resolution independence, Total Multimedia (TMM) and IBM have joined together to market each other's related products.
1993    After an exhaustive review of compression technologies, fractal technology was selected as the archived medium for the priceless works on the Sistine Chapel. Only Fractals provided the image fidelity required for scholarly examination and the periodic restoration of the works of artists like Michelangelo.
1992    Total Multimedia Inc. showcases its fractal video technology at the week long COMputer Distribution EXposition known as COMDEX in Las Vegas, Nevada
1992    A major breakthrough for Iterated Systems Inc. was the automatic fractal transform process which eliminated the need for human intervention during compression as was the case in early experimentation with fractal compression technology. Barnsley's graduate student Arnaud Jacquin implements the first automated fractal algorithm.

Total Multimedia Inc. and Iterated Systems Inc. collaborated to bring fractal compression to video. The companies enter into a License Agreement whereby Total Multimedia Inc. holds the exclusive worldwide master license for fractal video compression and decompression algorithms. Development resulted in SoftVideo.

Iterated Systems Inc. signed a license agreement with Total Multimedia Inc. where Total Multimedia Inc. was delivered and accepted and paid in full for source code versions of VDK 1.0 to VDK 1.4 fractal video compression and are wholly owned property of Total Multimedia Inc.

Total Multimedia Inc. and Iterated Systems Inc. jointly introduces Poem and TMMI Producer fractal-based video compression software and tools.
1991    MTT Visions merges with Randy Jackson Entertainment Corp. and changes its name to Total Multimedia Inc. TMMI's products include a complete suite of video editing and authoring tools for the digital video and multimedia computing markets, commonly referred to as the "interactive Multimedia Market".
1990    MTT Visions was founded by Phillip Taylor Kramer as a privately-owned California Corporation. The Company develops, integrates, licenses and distributes video compression and decompression (codec) software for CD-ROM Publishers and Multimedia Developers.
1987    Michael Barnsley and Alan Sloan form Iterated Systems Inc. Michael Barnsley leads development of fractal compression, and holds several patents on the technology. The most widely known practical fractal compression algorithm was invented by Barnsley and Alan Sloan (U.S. Patent 5,065,447).

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