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June, 2021    TMMI Files 5 Million Dollar Claim to Protect Its Shareholders and Property Rights against 'Dimension Inc.' a company led by a former TMMI shareholder
April, 2019    Total Multimedia Prepares Release of Technology for High Quality 4k and 8k Video with 70% Bandwidth Savings
September, 2018    Total Multimedia Posts First Sales of New Generation High-End TMMI Mini PC X™
August, 2018    TMMI begins shipping TMMI Mini PC X™ to select buyers for field experience
August, 2018    TMMI establishes Offices in New York City and Silicon Prairie
July, 2018    TMMI releases the first version of UWP compliant TRUDEF™ Video Player through the Microsoft Store
May, 2018    TMMI Enters Consumer Electronics Sector Announcing its New Generation Mini PC Home Entertainment Solutions
May, 2018    TMMI upgrades its legacy VDK 2.1 TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Codec to VDK3 compiled under Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 for Windows 10-64 supporting 8K, modern multi core, multi threaded AMD64 bit hardware
February, 2018    TMMI Announces Appointment of New Chief Technology Officer and New Executive Team
December, 2017    TMMI Announces Completion of $1 Million in Equity and New Technology Suite
May, 2017    TMMI Announces New President and Chief Executive Officer, and New Board Member
May, 2015    TMM, Inc. Announces Patent Filing for its New Video Scaling Algorithm
May, 2014    TMM, INC. Enters Joint ISR Research Program With RAYTHEON Company For TMMI'S TRUDEF™ Video Compression Technology.
April, 2013    TMM, Inc. Demonstrates TRUDEF™ Resolution Independent Fractal Video in 4K at NAB Show
January, 2013    TMM, Inc. announces TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Scaling, 2K to 4K Workflow
December 2012    TMM, Inc. announces TRUDEF™ .FVF ('Fractal Video File') and .FIF ('Fractal Intra Frame') File Extensions
November, 2012    TMM, Inc. announces completion of TRUDEF™ fractal Video Microsoft Media Foundation 2012 Library.
July, 2012    TMM, Inc. announces it has made significant strides in updating the TRUDEF™ codec over the last nine months. The Board of Directors has instructed the lead programmers to enlarge the team to speed up the progress towards a commercial product. The programming team will be expanded by up to an additional ten (10) programmers to further advance the TRUDEF™ codec.
February, 2012    TMM, Inc. announces that Dr. Alan Sloan has joined the Company's newly formed Advisory Board. Dr. Sloan together with Dr. Michael Barnsley was a pioneer in developing and patenting fractal digital compression technology. In 1987, Dr. Sloan co-founded Iterated Systems, Inc. ("Iterated") with Dr. Barnsley to create a business to develop and market fractal image compression technology.
November, 2011    Shareholders vote to install a new management team. Gerard Cavanaugh is elected President CEO. Michael Kozole is elected Secretary Treasurer.
2007    TMM, Inc. rebrands its SoftVideo fractal codec as TRUDEF™ high definition fractal video.
March, 2000    Iterated Systems Inc. signs a licensing agreement with TMM, Inc./DFI for the UNIX based IBM PVS/SGI multi I860 RISC processor parallel source code.
February, 2000    TMM, Inc. Announces the addition of Surround Sound to the new TMM SoftVideo Player.
December, 1999    TMM, Inc. Announces a Development Agreement With Digital Focus Inc. to add video streaming capability to SoftVideo.
May, 1999    The remains of Philip Taylor Kramer discovered at the bottom of a Malibu ravine.
August, 1998    TMM, Inc. completes its Chapter 11 Reorganization and receives a Final Order from the Bankruptcy Court.
October, 1997    TMM, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Advanced Multimedia Concepts Inc., ("AMCI") of of Camarillo, California
August, 1997    TMM, Inc./AMCI produces an upgraded version of its SoftVideo Codec based on i386 VDK 2.1 with Simpson/Kramer SWATH Enhancements originally added to VDK 1.6.
September, 1996    TMM, Inc. entered into an agreement with Advanced Multimedia Concepts Inc., ("AMCI") of Camarillo, California for the enhancement of TMM's SoftVideo codec.
April, 1996    TMM, Inc. signs a new licensing agreement with Iterated Systems Inc. reflecting the assignment of Pyramid Trust Corp. licenses to TMM, Inc.
March, 1996    Total Multimedia Inc. emerges from bankruptcy as TMM, Inc. retaining its VDK 1.0-1.9 Iterated Systems Inc. licensing rights and Pyramid Trust Corp. assigning the ISI VDK 2.1, VDK 2.2, VDK 2.3 and VDK 2.4 Agreement to TMM, Inc.
October, 1995    Total Multimedia Inc. raised over $7,000,000 as part of its Reorganization Plan. All creditors were paid in full.
February, 1995    Phillip Taylor Kramer goes missing.
April, 1994    After spending more than $6,000,000 on the development of VDK 1.0-1.9 and VDK 2.0 based VDK 2.1, VDK 2.2, VDK 2.3 and VDK 2.4 Total Multimedia Inc. declared bankruptcy. A Plan of Reorganization was approved by the Bankruptcy Court. Total Multimedia Inc., through its court approved proxy, Pyramid Trust Corp., officially licenses VDK 2.1, VDK 2.2, VDK 2.3 and VDK 2.4 from Iterated Systems Inc.
1993    By the end of 1993 Total Multimedia (TMM) had financed the development of VDK 1.0 to VDK 1.4 and the new VDK 2.0 codec with over $3,000,000 paid to Iterated Systems Inc.
1993    With visions of a bold new market in resolution independence, Total Multimedia (TMM) and IBM joined together to market each other's related products.

Total Multimedia Inc. needed to have a player for Microsoft Windows to stay ahead of the CD/ROM market. Microsoft was buying up titles and the DOS application was becoming more difficult to use. Microsoft was limiting the ability to shell to dos and take advantage of the DOS environment. A windows VESA driver was added to the Softvideo player and a streamlined decompressor was added to help offset the Microsoft overhead. TMM Softvideo VDK Version 1.4

With TMMs migration to Windows and the interactivity becoming more important to the users TMM added key frame jump ability and window dragging capabilities. This allowed the Windows user to re-size the video inside a widow under Microsoft windows V 3.0. TMM also added support for stereo surround sound and analog audio types. This allowed for presentation to be built with audio overlays and Dolby audio. A VESA compliant DOS player was added and Microsoft Mime type added TMM Softvideo VDK Version 1.5

The CD/ROM market began to explode at this time and our first retail producer stations became available to the general public. At a cost of $ 50,000.00 dollars for a producer station the demand was very good and orders were being taken. Tom Simpson was working with Paramount and Spectrum Holobyte producing CD/ROM games such as "Falcon Gold F-16" and "Startrek Next Generation" as well as the "Art of the Kill'. These titles were top sellers and were being produced using the TMM production system. TMM was also the first company to receive a SONY CD/ROM mastering system that were hard to get and extremely expensive (Total Multimedia Inc. received serial number US-OOOOOI). This was an added incentive to purchase the TMM producer station because buyers received preferential treatment and one free master per title. Sony Electronics even asked to use TMM's mastering system as demand was so high that Sony Corporate had them in line with everyone else. Feedbaek from TMM customers were added to the software generating Softvideo Versions 2.4,2.5,2.6

In addition, the company worked to bring the new tools of multimedia to school systems. In 1993, TMM received a Blue Ribbon award from the US Department of Education for its work in bringing interactive learning tools to the classroom. TMM was responsible for wiring classrooms and developing multimedia content with the Hueneme School District.
1992    Total Multimedia Inc. showcases its fractal video technology at the week long Computer Distribution Exposition known as COMDEX in Las Vegas, Nevada
1992    Total Multimedia Inc. designed a hardware platform that could handle the speed required to capture video files without dropping frames. With the growing personal computer market consumers were being flooded with hardware and firmware from around the world with no quality assurance and no de­facto standards on the firmware and controller sets built into the mother boards. Many of these systems would not interface with the different capture cards or hardware accelerators on the market. A special low level format had to be developed to allow for sequential writing to hard drives and removal of error correction on the video stream to allow the 600-700 KBS needed to maintain 30 FPS without frame dropping. These TMM producer stations were hand built and quality assured to capture 640 X 480 NTSC or PAL signals from any video source. After capture the TMM Producer would allow the video to be edited and used with Audio, test and graphics. CD/ROM mastering capabilities were added and resizing controls enabled. Softvideo release version 2.0

Fractal Image compression emerged with a major breakthrough by Iterated Systems Inc. The automatic fractal transform process eliminated the need for human intervention during compression as was the case in early experimentation with fractal compression technology. Barnsley's graduate student Arnaud Jacquin implements the first automated fractal algorithm.

11. Total Multimedia Inc. and Iterated Systems Inc. collaborated to bring fractal compression to video with TMMI providing specifications, expertise in digital video, and funding. The companies enter into a License Agreement whereby Total Multimedia Inc. holds the exclusive worldwide master license for fractal video compression and decompression algorithms. Development resulted in SoftVideo.

Iterated Systems Inc. signed a license agreement with Total Multimedia Inc. where Total Multimedia Inc. was delivered and accepted and paid in full for source code versions of VDK 1.0 to VDK 1.4 fractal video compression and are wholly owned property of Total Multimedia Inc.

Total Multimedia Inc. and Iterated Systems Inc. jointly introduces Poem and TMMI Producer fractal-based video compression software and tools.
1991    MTT Visions merges with Randy Jackson Entertainment Corp. and changes its name to Total Multimedia Inc.

Total Multimedia Inc.'s Taylor Kramer designed and outline for software only video delivery off CD/ROM. The first Version was a standalone system version for video compression. The input was delivered though a video capture device and manually entered into the system via command line dos instructions. TMM SOFTVIDEO version 1.0

In the Fall of 1991 TMMI released "TMM Softvideo version 1.1" the world's first software only video on the market using RLE (Run Length Encoding). TMMI's products included a complete suite of video editing and authoring tools for the digital video and multimedia computing markets, commonly referred to as the "interactive Multimedia Market".
1990    MTT Visions was founded by Phillip Taylor Kramer and Tom Simpson as a privately-owned California Corporation. The Company develops, integrates, licenses and distributes video compression and decompression (codec) software for CD-ROM Publishers and Multimedia Developers.

MTT initial software development began with UVC corporations proprietary software based on the 7710 hardware teleconferencing communications board in 1990. Initial configuration consisted of CD-ROM handling package from Sinano-Kenski utilizing the DOS 3.0 MSCDEX instructions integrated with the UVC hardware board. This beta version delivered 30 FPS (frames per second) video from CD/ROM at 130-135 KBS (kilobytes per second) with maximum of 150 KBS. MTT BETA TALMUVC 1.0

First public demonstration was delivered at the Microsoft Multimedia show in San Jose California

At this conference MTT started negotiations with the soon to be software development team headed by Andrew Young of Young Minds Corporation Dan Shields (President and Founder) struck a deal to hire Andrews group to build Microsoft extension tools. MTT then undertook to moving of the UVC 7710 code from hardware to software.
1987    Michael Barnsley and Alan Sloan form Iterated Systems Inc. Michael Barnsley leads development of fractal compression, and holds several patents on the technology. The most widely known practical fractal compression algorithm was invented by Barnsley and Alan Sloan (U.S. Patent 5,065,447).

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