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High Efficiency Video Player for Windows 10-64 with TRUSCALE™ Upscaling


TRUDEF™ Video Player was originally developed for high efficiency and minimal footprint for playback of TMMI's legacy TRUDEF Fractal Video. This same foundation combined with TMMI's patented TRUSCALE™ hardware accelerated real time video scaling technology is an attractive solution for playing HEVC, VP9 and H.264 streamed video via third party plugins on the multiple small form factor Windows 10 devices entering the market. The TRUDEF™ Video Player is only 6.2 MB in size and saves up to 75% bandwidth with 2x upscaling while maintaining superior viewing quality.

• HEVC, VP9, H.264
• HDR profiles
• Superior Upscaling
• Small file size
• Low system overhead
• Detailed performance statistics
• Subtitles
• Subtitles with text to speech narration
• Multiple audio codec support
• Frame stepping
• Frame capture
• Recall frame by frame number

TRUDEF™ Playlist Editor

TRUDEF™ Playlist Editor Features:

• Manages multiple playlist
• Drag and drop list building
• Draggable sort order
• Timeline cropping

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