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Products - TMMI Mini PC™ and TMMI Mini PC X™ Home Entertainment Solutions

More than simple single purpose video streaming boxes, TMMI Mini PC™ and TMMI Mini PC X™ are small form factor fully functional Windows 10-64 computers sourced from industry leading OEMs pre-loaded with the TRUDEF™ Video Player, supporting H.264, VP9, HEVC and in the future, the next generation AV1 (Alliance for Open Media) video distribution codec.

High Efficiency Video Player for Windows 10-64 with TRUSCALE™ Upscaling

TRUDEF™ Video Player was originally developed for high efficiency and minimal footprint for playback of TMMI's legacy TRUDEF Fractal Video. This same foundation combined with TMMI's patented TRUSCALE™ hardware accelerated real time video scaling technology lowers bandwidth utilization while watching HEVC, VP9, H.264 and new AV1 streamed video.

The TRUDEF™ Video Player is only 6.2 MB in size and saves up to 75% bandwidth with 2x upscaling while maintaining excellent viewing quality. Pre-installed on small form factor Windows 10-64 TMMI Mini PC and TMMI Mini PC X models offers consumers the full functionality of a desktop PC in place of single purpose video streaming boxes connected to computer monitors and TVs.

• HEVC, VP9, H.264, (AV1)
• HDR profiles
• Superior Upscaling
• Small file size
• Low system overhead
• Detailed performance statistics
• Subtitles
• Subtitles with text to speech narration
• Multiple audio codec support
• Frame stepping
• Frame capture
• Recall frame by frame number

TRUDEF™ Playlist Editor

TRUDEF™ Playlist Editor Features:

• Manages multiple playlist
• Drag and drop list building
• Draggable sort order
• Timeline cropping

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