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TOTAL MULTIMEDIA INCORPORATED (otc pnk:TMMI) is a technology company specializing in digital video compression and playback software. Founded in 1990, the company is a pioneer in digital video developing the world's first video that played from 1x CD-ROM and released "TMM Softvideo version 1.1", the world's first software only video on the market using RLE (Run Length Encoding) without the need for dedicated hardware. In 1992 TMMI was instrumental in bringing Iterated Systems Inc.'s VDK Fractal Image compression technology to video.

TMMI's current software technologies are targeted to the global consumer electronics market providing value added solutions to product offerings across multiple market sectors, and providing high performance 8K TRUDEF™ VDK3 Fractal video systems for Enterprise customers.


Silicon Prairie Office and Foreign Trade Zone.

The company’s profile is shifting from a development company to a marketing focus with the production of its TRUDEF™ Video Player and featuring its self-branded products. The company has established a company operations office in the heartland of the Silicon Prairie near the 3rd largest Microsoft campus in the area's historic Black Building in downtown Fargo, North Dakota.


Today, the area has become a preferred choice for a number of tech companies that wish to take advantage of the economics, cost of living, Foreign Trade Zone and access to scores of engineers and technical personnel. Currently 35 FedEx flights per day services global shipping for these companies. TMMI is currently pursuing qualification for the area's two foreign trade zones. An assembly and distribution center is underway to import the TMMI Mini PC devices from China, receive and assemble TMMI Mini PC X components, configure the OS/embedded TRUDEF™ software, and manage global distribution.

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