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With visions of a bold new market in resolution independence, Total Multimedia (TMM) and IBM have joined together to market each other's related products.

October 27, 1993

With visions of a bold new market in resolution independence, Total Multimedia (TMM) and IBM have joined together to market each other's related products.

You are invited to a joint TMM/IBM press conference to hear about this new relationship, as well as TMM's future plans for the creation and development of advanced digital film technology using the patented fractal technology of Iterated Systems, with support from IBM.

The press conference will take place Oct. 29 at the International Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center. (Please call Agora Marketing for exact time and location.)

The technology, which allows still image scenes and motion video sequences to be digitally converted to resolution independent imagery, is the first technology poised to allow TV and movie producers to create programming which can be viewed in a great variety of screen sizes and image detail.

A single, digital fractal image sequence allows imagery to be stored very economically. Hours of material can fit on a single CD-ROM where traditional digital video techniques yield just 30 to 72 minutes. These images can be played back on computer screens, TV screens or, in time, expanded to full film resolution using video projectors. A unique capability of fractal technology allows the images to be "zoomed" just as if they were physical film, allowing far more image detail and color fidelity than traditional, blocky "pixelated" forms of digital image compression.

The resolution independent attributes also allow the playing of video data in software on current computers. The almost magical process will use Iterated System's patented fractal technology, running on the IBM Power Visualization System using SoftVideo authoring tools supplied by TMM.

Fractals were first discovered by IBM researcher Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975 as a new way of mathematically examining, describing and reproducing irregular shapes. Fractal geometry helps delineate and formulate an order in events and phenomena, such as the shapes of coastlines or the path of a lightning bolt, usually thought to be patterns and shapes without order. But fractal mathematics allows sequences of numbers to accurately reproduce complex shapes due to their inherent self-similarity to their neighboring parts.

Iterated's fractal technology is significant to the film, broadcast TV, government, medical, university and multimedia producers who at once crave the ability to produce their programming in a digital nature but also do not want to lose vital image detail during the process. Fractal image conversion has thus far been determined to be the best means in producing a single digital image file which can be played back in the best fidelity possible on a multitude of systems.

Iterated's fractal technology has been previously adopted for still-image digital preservation by several companies, most notably Microsoft Corp., which licensed Iterated fractal technology for use in storing thousands of full-color images on their CD-ROM Encarta multimedia encyclopedia.

TMM Inc. publicly traded on the Electronic Bulletin Board (symbol: TMMM), was founded in 1990 to develop powerful multimedia technologies and tools. Holders of the exclusive worldwide license for fractal video compression and decompression for CD-ROM optical media from Iterated Systems Inc. of Atlanta.

The company also has strong ties with the entertainment industry, including backing from Randy Jackson. For more information, contact TMM at 299 West Hillcrest Drive, Suite 200, Thousand Oaks, Calif. 91360. Phone: 805/371-0500, Fax: 805/371-0505.

Note to Editors: IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. TMM and SoftVideo are trademarks of Total Multimedia (TMM).

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