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Total Multimedia, Inc. announces its new licensing agreement with Iterated Systems, Inc.

April 10, 1996

Total Multimedia, Inc. [TMM], of Los Angeles, California, announced today that as part of its new licensing agreement with Iterated Systems, Inc., of Atlanta, Georgia, TMM and Iterated will develop a new fractal product, based upon Iterated's technology, that will provide substantially enhanced resolution and superior compression specifications for use in CD-ROM applications. The new product will be directed at the convergence of the computer and entertainment industries. The goal is to offer Pentium equipped viewers full screen, full motion, high quality software only playback.

TMM consultant, William Burnsed, stated from TMM's offices in Los Angeles, "We believe that viewers who turn to the computer monitor for a greater portion of their entertainment will demand that the video have at least full screen, full motion VHS quality. Too many viewers are turned off by small screens, low frame rates, and low resolution pixelized video. Our new product will have a video quality never before seen in full motion on a full computer screen." Mr. Burnsed, President of Digital Video Engineering, developed Hollywood post production facilities including Hollywood Digital, Editel, and 525 Post. Mr. Burnsed has entered into a consulting agreement with TMM to assist on various technical matters and in the development of TMM's planned multimedia production centers.

Bob Davis, Vice President of Marketing for Iterated stated, "We at Iterated are pleased to see our fractal video technology applied to the development of this next generation of CD-ROM based entertainment medium."

TMM plans to use the technology to bring high profile CD-ROM products to market through a series of joint ventures with existing CD-ROM developers.

TMM plans to develop tools and services so that multimedia producers can integrate fractally compressed video into their multimedia presentations. TMM software consultant, Robert Holtz, President of Zeros & Ones, Inc., stated, "Developers of multimedia products using a wide range of existing tools from Macromedia's "Director" and "Icon Author" to Adobe's "Premiere" will find additional functionality from a series of "fractal plug-ins" that will allow editing, manipulation and storge of high resolution fractally compressed data."

Company Chairman, Anthony Papalia, stated today, "I am excited about the many opportunities that lie ahead for TMM now that it has returned to its core business of CD-ROM fractal technology. TMM has received inquiries and business proposals from substantial companies in Italy, Japan, China, and Canada, all wanting to use fractal technology in CD-ROM products. TMM's office is in touch with numerous CD-ROM developers who are anxious to use fractal technology in their products. This is going to be an exciting time for TMM."

Company President Mike Fernandez added, "The company's technology path has cleared and now TMM is positioned to bring its technology to market in many exciting areas. The music and entertainment businesses are expanding their use of video on existing CD-ROM products. The gaming industry will be substantially enhanced with the use of full screen, full motion video technology. CD-ROM products will continue to play an important role in the rapidly expanding educational, technical, and training markets. TMM is developing key strategic business partnerships to bring exciting new products to market based on fractal soft video technology."

TMM is publicly traded on the Electronic Bulletin Board [NASDAQ] using the symbol TMMI. TMM is a broad-based, multimedia company strategically positioned to participate fully in the interactive multimedia market. For more information contact: TMM at 15200 Sunset BLVD., Suite 204, Los Angeles, CA. 90272. Telephone: (310)230-2100 or fax: (310)230-2104.

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