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TMM and Highway One Form Joint Venture to Develop CD-ROMS's and Music Website

July 3, 1996

Total Multimedia, Inc. of Los Angeles (TMM) and Highway One Media Entertainment of Santa Monica announced today the formation of a joint venture to develop multimedia entertainment products including a music and entertainment website, CD-ROM titles, and multimedia tools and services, The venture will include joint development of enhanced music CD's and full interactive CD-ROM products. Dedicated music websites are planned that will allow on-line viewers to see music and other entertainment events worldwide on their personal computers. As part of the venture, Highway One President, Ken Caillat, has joined the TMM technical advisory board and Highway One will act as a beta site for new TMM products and assist in the development of the TMM Multimedia Production Center.

TMM President Mike Fernandez stated: "Highway One is one of the leading multimedia content developers in the nation. We are proud to be working with them on these exciting projects. We will have a chance to show how the Internet and CD-ROM platforms can work together to form a new marketing and distribution system for the music industry. The website will generate substantial traffic and become a solid source of Internet advertising revenues. The website will in turn increase consumer desire to see live performances integrated with their music discs. TMM is positioned to play a major role in this emerging market."

Highway One Media Entertainment is located in Santa Monica. Their recent projects include: BUSH; Little Things (enhanced CD); Bonnie Raitt (CD-ROM) Jackson Browne, Looking East (enhanced CD); Supermodels of the Rain Forest (enhanced CD) and soon to be released Virtual Graceland an interactive tour (2 discs) of Elvis' Graceland estate with exclusive photos and footage and interviews with family and friends.

If you would like more information about the company contact the TMM office at (310)2304100 or drop us your name at the new TMM website ( and we will get some information to you. Look for clinages to the TMM website soon.

[NASDAQ] using the symbol TMMI. TMM is a multimedia company dedicated to bringing high quality video to multimedia presentations. For more information contact:

TMM at 15200 Sunset Blvd., Suite 204, Los Angeles, CA. 90272.

Telephone: (310)230-2100 or fax: (310)230-2104.

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