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TMM Announces Company Offices Moved to Coordinate Development Work With AMCI

March 13, 1997

For Immediate Release

TMM Announces Company Offices Moved to Coordinate Development Work With AMCI.

Total Multimedia, Inc. ("TMM") announced today that they have moved the corporate offices to Camarillo, California in order to enhance their working relationship with Advanced Multimedia Concepts Inc. ("AMCI"). TMM and AMCI announced a development relationship in September, 1996 whereby AMCI would provide technical assistance and development work for TMM. Today's announcement indicates an expansion in AMCI's role with TMM.

AMCI is a full service development company that will play an expanded role in the development of TMM products and will provide technical support for TMM clients. TMM President Mike Fernandez announced today from the Company's new offices in Camarillo, California "Tom Simpson has organized an impressive development team at AMCI. They have vast experience with video compression technologies, particularly fractal technology. We will work on several exciting new products including a state of the art fractal still image compression and graphics product, a consumer video multimedia editing suite and a DVD and CD-ROM compression services bureau. The people at AMCI, working with other members of our technical team will allow us to rapidly expand our efforts to bring TMM products to market. Our initial efforts will be to market the TruDef Image Technology currently developed by AMCI. We will be offering the product to consumers in the immediate future. It is a state of the art still image CODEC and broswer plug-in." Information about TruDef is available at AMCI President Tom Simpson announced "We are happy to have our friends at TMM here with us. They have several exciting projects that we will focus on during these next few months. We look forward to developing some new products using fractal technology and in helping develop a DVD compression services bureau using TMM technology." The Company announced that Mike Fernandez and Tom Simpson will be available on-line to chat about the relationship between AMCI and TMM and to discuss plans for the Company's future on Tuesday March 18, 1997 at 11:00 am Pacific time on the TMM chat line at the TMM website ( The chat line will open at 10:45 am and remain open until 1:00 pm Pacific time. Those unable to attend may request a copy of sample questions and answers which will be prepared by the Company and be available for distribution soon after the close of the chat line. The new TMM phone number is (805) 383-6117. The office address is 80 N. Wood Rd., Suite# 202 Camarillo, California 93010.

TMM is traded on the Electronic Bulletin Board under the symbol TMMI

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