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TMM & AMCI Acquisition Agreement Reached

June 13, 1997

CAMARILLO, California, June 13, 1997-Total Multimedia, announces the acquisition of ADVANCED MULTIMEDIA CONCEPTS, INC. ("AMCI"). Company President, Mike Fernandez stated from the company offices in Camarillo, "Today's action puts us much closer to our goal of providing content developers comprehensive multimedia production capabilities and state of the art compression services. AMCI has been a leading edge web site host and developer for the past several years. TMM will have AMCI's comprehensive technical infrastructure and access to a wide range of exciting new projects as a result of this acquisition. Additionally, we have brought back to TMM one of its original founders, Tom Simpson, who will head operations and the TMM technical effort."

AMCI President, Tom Simpson, stated "I am happy to be back with TMM. I know that TMM has many great opportunities and I have committed myself and the AMCI technical staff to help bring these many revenue generating projects to life. We will focus on the original direction of TMM to provide state of the art multimedia services and to specialize in providing high resolution compression services for content developers."

AMCI has been working with a number of industry leading companies and will bring these clients to TMM, including its web hosting service; secured internet shopping network and database; and industry leading graphics software, TRUDEF.

TMM President, Mike Fernandez added, "Tom brings his many contacts with digital Hollywood back to TMM. He will help shape the next generation of TMM SoftVideo compression products which will be tailored to the DVD content development community. I am quite excited about having his help."

Contact: Michael Fernandez (President) Total Multimedia Inc. World Wide Web:, Email: Tel: (805) 383-6117, Fax: (805) 383-0185

TMM is publicly traded on the Electronic Bulletin Board [NASDAQ] using the symbol TMMI. TMM is a multimedia company dedicated to bringing high quality video to multimedia presentations.

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