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Total Multimedia Announces Development Agreement With Digital Focus

December 9, 1999

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 9, 1999--Total Multimedia (TMM)(OTCBB:TMMI) today announced that it has entered into a development agreement with Digital Focus (DF), a California corporation, whereby DF will provide development assistance and technical support for TMM in the introduction of a new line of still and video products for the convergence of the entertainment and computer markets. TMM will introduce a new product in spring of 2000, called EZ Images, a new still image compression and image manipulation software program that will bring the file size advantages of TruDef Compression Technology to a simple, easy-to-use digital imaging program.

EZ Images will interface with all existing digital cameras and scanner formats. TruDef can read an industry-leading number of file formats in order to download virtually any file format image from the Internet and to integrate the image into home presentations, including videos and slide shows. TMM will offer the EZ Images software program on a free trial basis for 30 days, starting in spring 2000, so users can see the difference in TruDef compression. At only $29.95, EZ Images is all you need to develop your own digital photo album on your computer.

TruDef compression allows users to take in images at one-sixth the file size and still have the highest image quality. EZ Images allows you to send pictures or entire slide shows over the Internet in a fraction of the time. EZ Images has a full suite of editing tools that will allow you to fix problem photos with professional adjustment of hue, saturation, brightness and contrast. Everything is together in one "EZ-to-use" package with EZ Images, the new TMM still image product coming in spring 2000.

DF will also assist TMM in providing the next generation of SoftVideo, the proprietary TMM video compression technology used in industry-leading software hits, including Falcon Gold, Star Trek The Next Generation and TOP GUN. The NexGen SoftVideo product will be directed at bringing the highest-quality full-screen, full-motion video to broadband users over the Internet. Robin Haskins, president of DF, stated: "We are quite pleased to help TMM with its mission to bring full-screen, full-motion video to the online world. We will bring our expertise in audio and video compression and our contacts in the entertainment community to TMM for their SoftVideo Compression Services."

TMM is integrating its existing SoftVideo technologies into today's high-speed super computers to offer SoftVideo Compression Services for online broadband users. Haskins continued, "With the rapid increases in the computer's processing power and increased availability of broadband at cost-effective rates, the Internet could rapidly become the leading source of entertainment worldwide. This will cause a huge demand for video compression services that can accommodate changing bandwidths. "TMM SoftVideo is perfect as it allows content owners to compress their product on SoftVideo at a single band rate. As bandwidth changes and expands, the SoftVideo product will accommodate the changes. We need to integrate the existing TMM codec into superprocessor codes and they will be ready for business." TMM anticipates that the video product will be available for demo as early as spring 2000.

TMM is publicly traded on the Electronic Bulletin Board (Nasdaq) using the symbol TMMI. TMM is a multimedia company dedicated to bringing high-quality video to multimedia presentations.

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