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TMMI Announces Completion of Deal to Acquire TruDef Fractal Video Codec Enhancements

December 21, 2007

CALABASAS, CA -- TMM Inc. (OTC: TMMI.PK) announced today that it has completed negotiations with Tom Simpson and the principals of Digital Focus Inc., and their company doing business as TruDef Industries, to acquire all of their rights to enhancement work done of the TMMI fractal video codec developed in the 1990s.

The codec had been modified to successfully compress digital video solving issues that previously prevented fractal compression to work in full motion video.

The company announces it has received the enhanced version of the codec and are working on preliminary testing and product development of the next generation TruDef codec, details of which will be announced in the near future.

Fractal compression offers superior image quality than pixel-based compression since images are mathematically encoded, no pixels are saved. Video compressed in TruDef is resolution independent and can be expanded to larger sizes without image degradation inherent with pixel-based compression.

Company President Mike Fernandez stated: "I am happy to have finally completed the arrangements to acquire the enhancement work done on the TMMI fractal video codec. We believe there is a vast market for products that can reduce the file size of high definition video without reducing its quality. After all of these years we are looking forward to showing some examples of the capability of the enhanced fractal compression technology and the features and functionality that it can bring to the emerging market for high definition video."

Tom Simpson stated: "We are all happy to be working again with TMMI to bring a new generation of high definition compression products to the company. The market is searching for tools that can handle the data created by today's new high definition video cameras. We have for years seen the fractal-based product as the best solution to the file size demands of high definition video and the practical constraints of storage of raw high definition video; unfortunately computing power limited the ability of the codec to competitively perform in the video compression market of the 1990s. The new TruDef product can offer quality virtually undetectable from raw with substantial savings of file size."

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