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TMMI Showcases TruDef High Definition Fractal Video Codec Capabilities

January 03, 2008

BEVERLY HILLS, CA -- TMM Inc. (OTC: TMMI.PK) is pleased to announce that it has made the first publicly viewable examples of its previously announced enhanced TruDef high definition fractal video codec available on its updated website

Frame captures showcase TruDef's remarkable clarity after compressing raw source video with a ratio of 160:1, and its ability to uncompress back to the original file size with near lossless results.

Additionally, an example of TruDef's ability to upscale video is demonstrated with a file rendered from 640 x 480 to 1280 x 960. The clarity can be examined at full screen and compared to the raw original file. TruDef will enable video shot in lower resolutions to be upscaled for viewing on High Definition screens without the level of compression artifacts produced by other video compression methods. Video upscaling is a feature especially beneficial to archived content shot prior to High Definition becoming a standard in the market place.

TMMI is continuing with its evaluation and product development planning of the next generation TruDef codec.

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