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TMM, Inc. Demonstrates TRUDEF™ Resolution Independent Fractal Video in 4K at NAB Show

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- April 22, 2013 - TMM, Inc. (TMMI-PK) ("TMMI") or (the "Company") demonstrated its new TRUDEF™ 4K Fractal Video Compression Technology and new Fractal Video Player in private demonstrations to senior industry attendees of the annual convention of National Associations of Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas.

A key feature of the TRUDEF™ Player is its ability to play highly detailed 2x2 block encoded 24 bit RGB color video scaled from 2K to 4K resolution in real time. TRUDEF™ "Resolution Independent" Video was shown on a 110" 4K monitor wall consisting of four 55" NEC P551 professional-grade LCD displays to prospects from a variety of vertical markets.

Currently existing forms of video scaling are performed after decompression, which reduces color, discards detail and includes compression/decompression artifacts. TRUDEF™ resolution independent fractal codes are calculated during compression on the "original pixels". The Company anticipates that TRUDEF™'s superior sharpness and color density will be the ideal solution for preserving near lossless high quality video from 2K RAW workflows.

First generation TRUDEF™ compressed videos files streamline workflow and post-production by ultimately delivering digital cinema and home theater content without further transcoding. Users can choose whether digital video shot as 2k and encoded by TRUDEF™ will be decoded at either 2k or 4k resolution to correspond to the specifications of their viewing equipment.

TRUDEF™ development will support 10, 12 and 16 bit color depths enabling end users to experience production level quality further into the distribution chain.

The original fractal algorithm was set to only double the resolution. The modernized codec being improved and updated by TMM ensures that TRUDEF™ will lead the market in up-scaling video to match all other resolutions and aspect ratios demanded by current and future video devices.

For mobile users, TRUDEF™ means better pictures with smaller files, using less bandwidth and computing power to distribute and watch videos. For cable and content providers, it potentially means providing more Ultra High Definition content using their existing infrastructure. Consumers can experience video with superior picture quality even on larger 4K screens.


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