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TMM, Inc.: Server Farm is Operational

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE--(Marketwired - December 5, 2013) - TMM, Inc. (PINKSHEETS:TMMI) ("TMMI" or "the Company") is pleased to announce as a follow up to the October 23, 2013 news release that the server farm is up and running and the TRUDEF™ codec is scalable. A 52 minute long ultra-high definition time lapse and motion video was compressed by TMMI one year ago in 169 hours based on a single core computer- today it was compressed on the new server farm in just 87 minutes.

Initial testing shows that the TRUDEF™ codec is scalable and as more computers are networked, the compression time would be proportional smaller. If we doubled the number of computers the compression time would be half. Now the TRUDEF™ codec can be commercially used to compress video content over Content Delivery Networks and Streaming Media.

Dr. Alan Sloan the cofounder of fractal compression stated, "As computers get faster the TRUDEF™ fractal compression time will be faster!"

The server farm laboratory testing equipment installed in Phase I of the server farm build out is as follows:

• 20 machines with Xeon E5-2643 v 2, 3.5GHz Processors
• 12 Cores / machine
• Maximum of 240 parallel processes
• 76 Terabyte disk storage
• Two operation computers

TMMI's development team will continue to add new capabilities for TRUDEF™ to further improve quality, and speed up the compression time. The user interface will be simplified so a standard compression assignment can be done by untrained personnel.

Commercial application of our scaled server farm will enable cost effective solutions for content developers, Internet movie delivery, cable carriers, sports networks, news, gaming, education and agencies providing Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. Even at its present size, the prototype server cluster enhances customers' capabilities so they can benefit from the TRUDEF™ fractal codec immediately in digital movie production, as well as a wide variety of applications, such as archiving of video library, Digital Asset Management, digital cinema post production.

Initially the unit's primary use will be testing outcomes in side-by-side comparisons of TRUDEF™ at different settings to RAW content, as well as other codecs and video enhancement technologies. The prototype also is designed to operate automatically and has the capacity to host over 200 remote client-controlled computers in parallel through a secure virtual private network (VPN).

TMMI is now in a position to develop commercial relationships with government and industry customers.



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