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TMMI Announces Completion of $1 Million in Equity and New Technology Suite

Effective December 18, 2017, TMMI has completed a $1 million dollar equity conversion. North Star Ventures Holding Company has converted $1,000,000 of its debt to equity, signaling its confidence in TMMI and its new direction. Following the conversion, North Star Ventures Holding Company is now our largest shareholder. The transaction strengthens the Company's financial position and clears the way for additional new funding together with bringing substantial expertise in global marketing to support TMMI bringing its suite of new technology to market. In addition, TMMI believes that the equity conversion will assist TMMI in raising additional capital to support its new technology and to broaden the scope of development across multiple market sectors.

Adding to TMMI's legacy technology, TRUDEF™ Fractal Video codec and its high efficiency TRUDEF™ Player developed primarily for cinema quality 4K played directly from physical media, is the following new TMMI patent pending technology suite:

TRUPIX™ - a scaling tool that permanently up-scales a video frame or multiple frames at up to four times its original resolution. TRUPIX™ outputs in various formats including uncompressed digital video and frames up to 16-bit color depth while maintaining high visual quality compared to the original.

TRUSCALE™ - a hardware accelerated real-time streaming scaler for viewing full screen resolution video up-scaled from smaller resolution sources. Common scale factors include 2x, 3x, and 4x.

TRUZOOM™ - a real time interactive magnifier that allows the user to create an interface to view a particular area of interest in more detail during active video or stop action and playback sequences.

TMMI's new development efforts will unveil unique applications and products utilizing its distinctive technology. President and CEO, Paul Healy states, "TMMI's equity conversion is a significant strengthening of the company's financial position as it launches distinctive new technology. It fuels our development team and marketing roll-out, and fully engages our dynamic Advisory Board, which has been structured to actively support the Company's focus on innovation across multiple market sectors."

The TMMI Advisory Board membership is comprised of experts in cinema, defense, sports, video games, communications, new technology sectors, and finance:

Garrett Brown - Cinematographer, USPTO Inventors Hall of Fame, Oscar and Emmy award winning inventor of the Steadicam™, Skycam™, Swimcam™, and Divecam™.

Mung Chiang - PHD, EE Waterman winning Professor at Princeton University. Recipient of the Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in engineering, founder of Princeton's EDGE Lab - connecting network theory with real world applications, investigating global bandwidth issues.

Eric Hernes - Inventor, business economist and product developer with twenty years of innovation in audio/video. Patent developer in interactive on-demand movie play back systems, and innovation for colorblind people to see detail in video that is otherwise invisible. Founder of Audio Video Foundry, LLC and Q, Inc.

Hal Lipman - Emmy award winner, former executive NFL films.

Thomas Mackie - Lt. Col. USMC Reserve Pilot. Top Gun instructor. CEO of G-Force Leadership, market expert in digital cinema, cameras, sports and defense.

Ted Schilowitz - Co-founder of RED Digital Cinema, "cinemavangelist" to major Hollywood studio and cinema technology company.

Louis Siracusano - President Video Bank. A leading digital asset management film serving defense, pro sports, education, and science.

Charles Wright - Founder and President of Fall River Investments, author and investment advisor.

About TMM, Inc. TMM, Inc. (otc pnk:TMMI) is a technology company headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, specializing in digital video compression, video scaling and image management. Founded in 1990, the company is dedicated to improving bandwidth utilization and video image quality. TMMI develops digital video compression and scaling technologies that provide end-to-end workflow and distribution solutions for digital cinema; streaming media; cable TV; sports; mobile; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; defense; security; medical imaging; space exploration; video game applications; training and distance learning.

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